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WIPP Reopening Targeted for Early 2016

Six months after radiation leaked from Carlsbad's Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, plans are in the works for reopening the internationally known facility 18 months from now.

"An actual recovery plan has not yet been announced," says Tim Runyon, a spokesman for the federal Department of Energy at Carlsbad. "We are expecting to see that plan soon, perhaps sometime this fall."

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New Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine Aiming for Early 2015 Construction

A plan announced last month to build a two-story building dedicated to the study of osteopathic medicine on the Las Cruces campus of New Mexico State University has already been altered significantly.

“It’s now going to be three stories,” says John Hummer of what will be the Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine, noting that the structure will look a lot like the modernistic and airy Skeen Hall, also on the NMSU campus, built in honor of long-time New Mexico Congressman Martin Skeen and opened in 2000.

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TTU College of Architecture Fosters Design Excellence from its Historic Union Depot in Downtown El Paso

Dr. Robert González knew he had been given the opportunity of a lifetime when he got a call from the City of El Paso in 2011, offering his college a space at the Historic Union Depot. As the then recently appointed Director of Texas Tech University’s College of Architecture program in El Paso, he knew the active train station was designed by one of the nation’s premier architects, Daniel Hudson Burnham, and that it could transform his college.

“People often say, ‘we have an amazing train station!’ yet they don’t recognize the building’s true significance. Burnham was the first architect to design high rises in Chicago, including the Flatiron Building in New York.”

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City for Champions Project Promises New Era for Colorado Springs

Bob Cope calls it a game-changer, the idea that one or several highly visible building projects can alter the destiny of a city.

"We would love to have any of the four component projects that we are working on," says Cope of the ambitious City for Champions initiative in Colorado Springs which will see the construction of an Olympic museum, a sports and event center, a visitors center at the Air Force Academy, and sports medicine center on the local campus of the University of Colorado.

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Projects at El Paso Airport Reflect Growth, Optimism

A five-year capital improvement plan for the El Paso International Airport will soon see more than $139 million in construction activity, including a project that upon completion is bound to make many travelers happy: a new $46 million car-rental facility.

“We’ve been working for the last three years on putting together the design and planning for a new multi-level facility that can accommodate more parking,” says Scott Goldstein, director of airport planning for Enterprise Holdings, which operates such car-rental brands as Alamo, National and Enterprise.[read more...]

El Paso's Famous Northgate Mall to Become New Transit Center

Where once stood the sprawling Northgate Mall is now only an empty, dusty 30-acre lot surrounded with a 6 foot-high chain link fence. But residents in northeast El Paso remember the Northgate Shopping Center at 9530 Dyer Street as a place of wonder.

“It had shade, which was and is a big deal here,” says Everett Vanarsdall, an El Pasoan who recalls going to the mall primarily to buy groceries. "I used to park my big truck there, too, never an issue. Oh, and they had a carnival thing there now and then.”[read more...]

Garry Boulard: Construction Reporter's Star Journalist

Garry Boulard has clearly made it as a journalist and author having published in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor as well as authoring seven well-received books in the genre of historical nonfiction. He even has his own Wikipedia page—a true sign of success for our times.

Yet Boulard, like the business owners he interviews for Construction Reporter, is nothing if not humble. He is one of those remarkable individuals who has cultivated a habit of gratitude—a feeling he often expresses for his solid gig as lead freelance writer at Construction Reporter. His steady flow of news feeds and weekly features source much of the content for the online news service. [read more...]

Tami Brunk: Construction Reporter's Environmental Writer

As an environmental writer and co-founder of an organization dedicated to sustainable practices, Tami Brunk’s interest in the construction business may at first glance seem surprising.

But the journalist who first started writing for the Construction Reporter in 2008 sees no dichotomy between her two interests.

“As I see it, the construction industry has tremendous power to impact the health of our planet and future generations,” says Brunk, who co-founded and previously served as co-director of the Albuquerque-based Querencia Green, an organization dedicated to connecting neighbors to “green their streets.” [read more...]

Specialty Funding Sees Growth in Texas and Colorado

Bob UnderwoodIf the number and variety of loans applied for are any indication of a larger economy, then West Texas and Colorado are very much moving out of the recent recession.

“We’re in West Texas from Amarillo to El Paso,” says Bob Underwood, the founder of the Specialty Funding Group (SFG) in Albuquerque.

“And we are seeing oilfield equipment manufacturing, oilfield service equipment, coming out of that area,” he says, adding [read more...]

El Paso's RK Green Mechanical Reps Thrives on Customer Loyalty

Father and SonWith nearly two decades in the industry, Kent Green says he is as good as his reputation.

“At the end of the day, that’s really all I have to trade on,” says 74 year-old Green, who last year embraced the kind of challenge that might scare men half his age: starting his own company.

“The first thing we did was sit down with an attorney and get set up legally and properly,” says Green of the launching of what became RK Green Mechanical Reps.

“You have to have a team, and that team includes the attorney and the banker and the insurance man, this and that,” says Green. “That’s vital.”

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LEED on Steroids: an Interview with Kent Beierle on the Living Building Challenge

Kent Beierle is a founding member and architect at Environmental Design Inc. (ēdi).  ēdi is an Albuquerque-based architecture firm well known for its team of skillful sustainability and LEED consultants and trainers who have designed or consulted on upwards of 80+ commercial & 530+ LEED for Homes projects/units LEED certified projects across the state, nation, and overseas. [read more...]

Peerless Construction

Good Fences Make Good Business

Vassan and Viji Pillai of Peerless Construction are proof positive that in today’s economy firms can thrive when owners demonstrate an impeccable work ethic and dedication to their craft. The firm has been in operation in New Mexico since 1985, established by Vassan’s father, Rajan, under the name Indian Investors.
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Dena WurmanBreach of Contract

In March 2014, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) sued one of its most highly compensated executives for misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of contract after he resigned and took a job at its chief competitor, Zillow....
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